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#14 - Driveshaft Pins

We have many folks who call us in search of the pins that go through the front of the driveshaft, and  the transmission input shaft.

There are 2 very important things to remember when replacing these pins:

-We always recommend that at least one of these pins be a soft pin, as a soft pin will break before a more expensive part of the driveline.  We recommend putting a hard pin in the rear of the tractor (Input shaft), and a soft pin through the front of the driveshaft.  This is simply because the front pin is easier to get to and replace.

-Be careful that the rear pin is the correct length, and not too long.  The pin should be just long enough to make it through the rear flywheel, and lock.  If it is any longer, it can hit the clutch brake retainer, and break it.  We believe that most broken clutch brake retainers got that way because it was hit by a pin in the rear flywheel that was too long.

We often tell folks that it's better to have the correct $4 pin, rather than have the wrong pin break a $100+ part.

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